Piano Ensemble Lessons

We have found that children learn best in small groups so that they can master the skills needed to play with other musicians. We continually work with each student to find the class setting that will help them personally achieve their full musical and artistic potential.

Teaching Emphasis

We group our students by their age and ability level. We continually evaluate each child's learning style to ensure each student is placed in a class best suited to them. In the group setting children receive one-on-one attention from the teacher and also receive the benefit of learning to cultivate team-working skills.

The ensemble setting provides a rare opportunity for developing pianists to play with other musicians. We teach students to read music, to develop technique, to understand music theory, and to learn music history.


Our curriculum, Piano Adventures, is a systematic approach to music reading. A wide range of styles is used in the musical material which helps develop musicianship and encourages personal expression. A strong foundation in reading and theory builds basic keyboard skills and successful musical performance.

Twice a year, Inspire's students have the opportunity to perform the music they have studied and mastered. Repetition (practicing) is essential in mastering any skill in life and studying music allows our students to build this skill which they will transfer to all aspects of their life.


Our programs continue to inspire and challenge students to experience the joy of music, develop a lifelong love for the arts, and fully express themselves.


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For Parents

One of the highest achievements of the human mind and spirit, music has unlimited and surprising benefits, especially for children.

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