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The Benefits of Music

Once, music was recognized as an important part of a child's education. Now it has become... More info...

Why Make Up Lessons Are Not Economical/Beneficial

Consistency is so important to mastering any new skill whether it is math, a foreign language, a sport or music... More info...

Why Study Music?

Steve Jobs was successful because he had both the creative and analytical sides equally developed... More info...

Testimonials about Inspire

My daughter started when she was 4 years old, and now at 8 years old, she is on her way to being transformed into... More info...


Our programs continue to inspire and challenge students to experience the joy of music, develop a lifelong love for the arts, and fully express themselves.


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For Parents

One of the highest achievements of the human mind and spirit, music has unlimited and surprising benefits, especially for children.

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If you and your child are committed to learning music, treat yourself to the best music education - the way Mozart and Beethoven were taught.


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