Craig Perry

"I strive, with full earnestness, to bestow the masteries, methods and discoveries of the music teachers I've been incredibly fortunate to have been mentored by to those after me."

Craig Perry has been diligently honing his skills as a guitarist and musician for many years. As a teenager, he was one of two guitarists selected, out of eight school districts in Southern Virginia, to attend the nationally renowned Governor's School for the Arts for classical and jazz guitar. He then received his Bachelor's in Music Degree in Classical Guitar Performance from Virginia Commonwealth University and in May of 2011, Craig completed his Masters of Music in Classical Guitar from The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, one of the top Music Conservatories in the country with one of the top guitar programs in the world .

In October of 2013, Craig released his debut, solo-classical guitar album of original compositions titled "Himself," bridging the gap between classical enthusiasts and popular music listeners. The following year, he and a fellow guitarist released their first album, "Dawn." Craig's subsequent album, "Tension & Release" is aimed for release in 2017.

Teaching Style and Philosophy

I have been incredibly fortunate to be mentored by some of the greatest music teachers in the country, with their lineage of instructors tracing back to Ludwig Van Beethoven for composition and Andres Segovia for Classical Guitar. Their masteries and philosophies have been channeled through the past centuries’ instructors, including my own, and I strive, with full earnestness, to bestow such methods and discoveries to those after me.

Individual exploration by my students is highly encouraged while simultaneously exposing them to what is unfamiliar within music’s various styles, histories, literature, methods and techniques, while finding how to pull inspirations of the widest range within the arts and directing their allure specifically to my students' classical guitar and musical studies.

I believe music to be one of the most phenomenal artistic means of expression, the single greatest universal language, and one of the strongest connections between any and all involved with infinitely beneficial development and personal growth. It is most important for these merits to be met with excitement, encouragement and longevity from both the student and instructor.


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