Debbie Boyden

" Developing both sides of the brain in children is what creates successful and happy people. "

Debbie was introduced to music at the age of seven. She fell in love with music from the beginning and took her studies seriously because she found that music fed both her analytic side and her creative side. She studied music with some of the best teachers in the Chicago area, including Vladimir Leyetchkiss. She studied at both Valparaiso University and Purdue University. Early in her career she discovered her love of music could be combined with her love for children. She has 35 years of teaching experience, with several of her students becoming teachers themselves.

Teaching Style and Philosophy

My goals in teaching are to develop both sides of the child's brain in a loving and nurturing environment. Music is a powerful tool to foster logical thinking in tandem with creative expression. Developing both sides of the brain in children is what creates successful and happy people. Most importantly, what brings me the most joy is to plant a seed in children that instills in them the love of music.


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One of the highest achievements of the human mind and spirit, music has unlimited and surprising benefits, especially for children.

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